Meridian Landscape was founded in 2007 on the principles of proper business ethics and practices while providing superior customer service. Meridian Landscape utilizes a combination of industry leading expertise, priority customer service, and technology to effectively manage, enhance, and preserve landscapes throughout Southern Nevada. Our teams of professionals are well versed in proper horticultural practices and are equipped to handle even the most challenging of landscape environments.

Our Management and Field staff are highly experienced professionals, and many of us have worked together for many years prior to the start of Meridian Landscape. All of our clientele to date have been strictly by referral and our staff is comprised of team members that are referred to us both internally and externally. What this means to our customers is that team members must have the skill, knowledge, and similar work ethic to match our company profile for employment. We have an exceptional retention rate because we value our employees and clients greatly as well as creating focus by earning and building respect, communication, and training; Meridian Landscape also invests heavily in its employees with proper education, technology, and infrastructure.

Our target market historically has been Homeowners Associations where we manage the landscaped areas for Common Interest Communities. However, projects of varying sizes, scope, and profile have always been a part of our program and we continue to maintain projects that match our focus of dedication to aesthetics, customer value, and communication. We focus on dedicated staffing, which means we typically will assign one or more individuals to a property and they report directly to that site five days per week (or more). We manage the site personnel with GPS technology to ensure attendance and to make sure we can have accurate tracking of their whereabouts.

In addition to large scale properties, we also manage commercial properties of varied types as well; such as retail shopping centers, mixed use industrial and commercial projects, hotel and resort properties, freestanding commercial buildings, and smaller Homeowners Associations where weekly visits are necessary versus dedicated staffing.